Google warns millions of Android users to delete these 36 popular apps NOW – or risk security threat… – The US Sun

ANDROID users have been warned their bank details and other information could be stolen from illicit apps – and they should delete them now.

The downloads are disguised as regular apps to fool people but are loaded with malware that steals their banking details and more.

Malware has been installed on some appsCredit: GETTY
Android users are being targeted in another application schemeCredit: Getty

Some of the applications have 10million or more downloads, spreading the risk to countless users.

Now, 36 popular apps have been banned after being discovered by McAfee Mobile Security.

The experts said the apps gained access to phone software after being downloaded, and have been “performing tasks” without the smartphone owner knowing about it.

After installation, criminals can see Wi-Fi history and Bluetooth devices meaning they can see exactly where you’ve been.

McAfee said: “The research team has found more than 60 applications containing this third-party malicious library, with more than 100 million downloads.

“Google has reportedly notified the developers that their apps are in violation of Google Play policies and fixes are needed to reach compliance.

“Some apps were removed from Google Play while others were updated by the official developers.”

The issue is mainly targeting popular apps in South Korea, but all Android users are urged to delete the apps if they’re on the phone.

Check out the full list of apps affected on McAfee’s website.

Google recently issued a warning about a setting all users should never have turned off.

The setting in question is Google Play Protect.

Android users are advised to use it because it helps to keep them safe from malicious apps.

Apps can gain access to a lot of data and this includes, location, your camera, and even your financial details.

Some people have Google Play Protect turned off but it’s often not worth the risk.

Google says: “Even if you download an app outside of Google Play, Google Play Protect checks the installation and can warn you about a harmful or malicious app.

“Play Protect also scans all the apps on your device every day for harmful ones, even if you’re offline.”

Most of the apps have been removed from Google Play, but users are urged to checkCredit: Getty


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