Google welcomes its first foldable phone to the Pixel family

The Google Pixel Fold (Picture: Adobe After Effects)

Google unveiled its first foldable phone at this year’s I/O event, the Pixel Fold.

Rumours of its development had been circulating long before the numerous leaks ahead of it’s official debut, but users were still keen to see this rival to the Samsung Z Fold 4.

Operating in much the same way as any other Pixel when closed, including a 5x optical zoom and 20x Super Res Zoom camera, the Fold opens up into a 7.6-inch screen – the same size as the Samsung, but with a 6:5 aspect ratio compared to its older rival’s 21.6:18.

When folded, it offers a 5.8-inch OLED cover screen, versus Samsung’s 6.2-inch.

Like the Pixel 7 and 7a, the Pixel Fold is powered by Google Tensor G2, and has 12GB of RAM.

Alongside working as a tablet, including split screen functionality, it also offers tabletop mode, handy for watching entertainment or capturing photos and video without a tripod. For group photos, a new palm gesture function triggers the shutter, so no photographer needed.

For stargazers, tent mode enables the camera to be pointed upward with the front display for camera controls.

In tabletop mode (Picture: Google)

Wireless charging, Call Screen and Magic Eraser are among the classic Pixel features found on the Fold, but it also offers an exclusive Live Translate interpreter mode, which utilises both the front and internal displays to provide text translation for users speaking different languages on opposite sides of the phone.

And the all important battery life? The Fold is powered by a 4,821mAh capacity battery, which the company says can last over 24 hours, or up to 72 hours on Extreme Battery Saver, but as always, that will be user-dependent.

Water resistant with an IPX8 rating, the Fold is not drop proof – so at £1,749 you’ll want to be careful.

Pixel Fold is available for pre-order in obsidian and porcelain, shipping next month. Buyers in the US and UK will also received a free Pixel Watch with their purchase.

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