Gossiping in office

Gossiping in office – off- goss – is often seen as a negative behaviour. But it can also have some positive effects for employees who engage in it. Gossiping can be a way of bonding with co-workers, sharing information, relieving stress and expressing emotions. And, boy, can it be pleasurable.

One joy in gossiping is the innate camaraderie and trust among colleagues. By exchanging personal stories, opinions and jokes, you can feel more connected   and comfortable with co-workers. Gossiping can also foster a sense of belonging and identity, as you identify with ‘your’ group(s) and differentiate yourself from others.

Off-goss can provide useful information and feedback. You can learn about the latest news, events and trends in the organisation – some that are under the radar – as well as the performance and behaviour of peers and bosses. Off-goss can also help you gain insights and perspectives on your own work and career, as you can receive advice, support and criticism in the gossip loop.
It can also be such a source of entertainment and relaxation. You have (contraband) fun and laugh together. This helps you cope with stress and frustration, something officialdom may not be that interested in tackling.


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