GrowthCap Ventures secures initial funding of Rs 20 crore

GrowthCap Ventures, a category II AIF fund, has secured an initial funding of Rs 20 crore. The firm is now poised to make investments in early-stage startups specializing in Fintech, SaaS and Deeptech, offering funding in the range of Rs 2 crore Rs 6 crore. The venture boasts of redefining the early-stage investment landscape.
GrowthCap Venture’s inaugural Operator VC fund aims to support 10-12 startups over the next 20 months. Pratekk Agarwaal, the founder and General Partner, said in a statement, “For our inaugural fund, we have selectively garnered investments from accomplished operators who have successfully built large organizations. This exclusive funding opportunity is by invitation only.”
The fund, boasting a powerhouse lineup of LPs and mentors, including industry giants like Beerud Sheth of Gupshup, Shankar Vailaya of ShareKhan, Naresh Naik of Irep Capital, Deepak Sharma, Ex CDO Kotak Bank, Ankur Jain of Incred , Sanjit Nagarkatti, Gaurav Bhojak of IIFL, Ravi Shankar, Rishi Dhandia, Atul Shekhavat, Prasanna Lohar & Ritesh Jain sets the stage for their investment journey.
Agarwaal revealed plans to leverage this interest in the next fund, which is projected to be a winners fund with an estimated size of approximately Rs 250 crore. Agarwaal stated, “We are excited about the prospects ahead and remain committed to fostering innovation and growth in the Fintech, SaaS, and Deeptech sectors.”
Operator-Backed Wisdom for Growth
The uniqueness of GrowthCap Ventures lies in its Operator VC model, a pioneering approach that prioritizes exceptional founders with a tech-first mindset and profound product insights. Eligibility for investment demands not just potential but demonstrated early traction and scalability.Agarwaal emphasizes that GrowthCap Ventures is not just a source of capital; it’s a strategic partner committed to actively engaging with portfolio companies. The approach involves providing a unique blend of operational expertise, tailored advisory services, and market access, backed by the influential mentorship of industry stalwarts.With a background from IIM-Kozhikode and a history with companies like Bajaj Finsev, Fullerton India, Indostar Capital, and BharatPe, Agarwaal brings a wealth of experience. Having already invested in over 35 companies and advised numerous startups, his track record includes names like Decentro, Vegapay, Klub , Karmalife, Fundly, Transbnk, Coverself among others and also has returned > 100% IRR to investors in some early bets he took.


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