Hacked Facebook accounts leave businesses out of pocket as ombudsman records spike in Meta complaints – ABC News

As a martial artist, Catherine Wilson gets up each day ready for a fight – but it is big tech that is proving to be her most difficult opponent.

Her Melbourne gyms teach choke holds and leg locks; for the fighters, it’s about having the confidence to take down a bigger stronger opponent.

Online, Ms Wilson has been trapped in a long-running battle to reclaim her business’s Facebook account.

For nine months she’s been begging Meta for access to be restored after her account was hacked.

No stranger to a fight, Ms Wilson didn’t know how difficult it would be to regain her Facebook accounts.(ABC News: Patrick Stone)

“It is a total sh*tshow,” she said.

“I’m a mum of two kids, my partner is doing it as well and we were just forced into doing it all hours of the day trying to get this resolved, it’s been a huge burden.”

She’s one of a growing number of Facebook and Instagram users, social media platforms owned by Meta, targeted by criminals.

First, the hackers compromise an account, change the password and then take it over locking out the rightful owner.

Sometimes the hackers spend heavily on advertising using the victim’s credit card details — often on scam ads.

The ABC has reported widely on scams flourishing on Meta’s platforms.

The Albanese government has singled out the tech giant for criticism claiming scams are running “rife”. 


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