Having hot kachori

One of the utter joys of having piping hot kachori is the contrast between the crispy outer layer and the soft and savoury filling, whether of daal, peas or even hing-infused hot air. The crunchiness of the outside and the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the inside create a delightful chiaroscuro in the mouth. The flavours of the spices, herbs and sauces create a life-affirming dance with each bite.

Another pleasure is the warmth and comfort it provides, no matter what the weather may be outside. It simply warms up the cockles of the heart. It is also a great comfort food, as it can evoke nostalgia and unadulterated happiness.

Hot kachoris are not only delicious but also widely available, with each place having its own nuances and sub-tastes. And, best of all, you can have them for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner – or the suddenly-hungry bits in between.
When you’re a bit tired of your haute cuisine, kachoris, with heaps of sabzi and a splash of chutney, will bring your senses back fully online.


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