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While the tech world pulsates with allure– a glittering dream where innovation joins with ambition to manifest tales of riches and fulfillment. But beneath the dazzling façade lies a harsh reality: job security, even for the most skilled tech professionals, is non-existent. 

Nathaniel Hallford, the Founder of Headhuntable, has been quietly working behind the scenes for more than a decade to create a platform that could help tech workers both find jobs and keep their prospect pipeline full if something happens with their current gig.


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2023 brought the need for Hallford’s services into sharp focus. Layoffs, abrupt restructurings, and unpredictable economic tremors sent seasoned veterans into unemployment, desperately looking for their next job. Hallford knew it was time to launch his platform to help other tech employees.

“The beauty of Headhuntable is that we provide a full range of services. Need a job? Great, we have VAs  (Virtual Assistants] and coaches who will help you land the perfect job. But if you currently have a job, our VAs can work behind the scenes to keep you active in the job market. Just in case,” enthuses Hallford.

Hallford’s personal experience was the genesis of Headhuntable.

“I was let go from my job with very little savings. I ended up living in my car until I got my next job,” he recalls.

Hallford was a tech veteran and cancer survivor. Unemployment threatened his life– literally. He could not afford the medicine that was keeping him alive.

He had an epiphany, “The tech job market is broken. I needed a platform to help me navigate the unpredictable landscape. So I created one.”

Headhuntable disrupts the archaic career search model for tech professionals,  rebuilding it from the ground up with empathy and empowerment as its foundation. 

Hallford created Headhuntable to be a compassionate concierge service for employment in the tech industry. He meticulously designed the platform to meet the biggest obstacles in the industry: finding a job and achieving  job security. 

The first step is the VA working autonomously behind the scenes to apply for jobs, set appointments, and communicate with recruiters and HR departments. Hallford says this service answers one of the greatest frustrations of job seekers– hours spent daily hunting down job postings and endlessly applying. With Headhuntable, applicants completely bypass the hassle. The VAs communicate updates and appointments via a private Slack channel.

The VAs are rigorously trained to not only find job postings, but also to discover jobs before the opportunities are even posted.

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Hallford affectionately refers to the VAs as “the ferrets of the tech industry.” Headhuntable’s VA also provides intel on the prospective employers, including preferences, interview questions, and additional skills that might be needed.

The VAs are critical to the success of job seekers. Tech job postings are getting hundreds of CVs for each opening. Headhuntable VAs get applicants to the front of the line through research and ensuring that the applicants skills match the role.

When beta testing, Hallford discovered that the VA working behind the scenes was not enough. Unemployed tech workers needed mentoring and coaching to help them successfully land a new job.

“We realized that some applicants were getting the interviews but did not know how to close the deal to get the job,” says Hallford.

Enter the FAANG mentor and coaches. According to Hallford they help job seekers ace their technical, culture, and whiteboard interviews. The mentors also help job seekers continue to develop their skills while they are searching for a job.

“Because our clients are not wasting time doing the legwork to get interviews, they have time to take on hobby projects or classes to fill out their resume,” explains Hallford.

The final aspect of Headhuntable creates job security for tech employees. The VA continues to work behind the scenes, actively report on available jobs and keep the client in front of recruiters. Additionally, Headhuntable hosts networking events and classes to help clients keep their skills on the leading edge of the tech market.

Hallford knows that this delivers job security. He has used the process himself to keep his pipeline full of opportunities. Besides keeping the pipeline active, Headhuntable also gives tech workers valuable intelligence about the state of the market, desirable skills, and salary trends. 

“Headhuntable is the entire package for people in the tech industry. We will help you land a job and give you security for future employment,” Hallford reasons.

Next up, Hallford is launching Opportunity Brain, an Ai-powered assist to the VAs. Opportunity Brain will passively search for the best jobs. An added feature will be employee and company matching using the DSM-V model.

“I realized that the old tech job market was broken, now Headhuntable has made it obsolete. The companies used to hold all the power. Our technology is empowering the tech workers to control their own marketability,” Hallford smiles.

Headhuntable aims to bring back the lost allure of the tech market– tech workers with job security. Employees can finally use innovative technology to take control of their future.


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