Healthcare veteran Dr Ravindranath Kancherla invests in Makers Hive

Healthcare assistive-tech company Makers Hive has announced that the founder & chairman of Global Hospitals Group and Global University Foundation (GUF), Dr. Ravindranath Kancherla, has invested in the Bionic Hands maker company. Makers Hive produces an affordable bionic hand, KalArm, for Upper Limb Amputees. The company said that Dr. Ravindranath’s investment signifies the successful conclusion of Makers Hive’s bridge round, positioning the organization for its upcoming Series A in the next financial year.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Dr. Ravindranath said, “I am thrilled to be part of Makers Hive’s journey. Pranav Vempati, CEO of Makers Hive, has a clear mission and vision to serve the disabled community, leveraging technology for significant impact. I am confident that with the team’s passion, commitment, and innovation, Makers Hive will play a crucial role in our roadmap for creating a sustainable philanthropic expert network model in the field of healthcare.”

Pranav Vempati said, “KalArm is India’s first fully functional bionic hand. It is designed to serve both above the elbow and below the elbow amputees. Our forthcoming collaborations with various corporate entities aim to facilitate employment opportunities for individuals with upper limb amputations.”
“We are pleased to partner with Healthcare veteran Dr. Ravindranath in our journey of building affordable medical devices by using Made In India technologies. This strategic partnership will help us focus on building world-class products in Bionics and Medical Devices sectors, while making them affordable for those in need,” Chanakya Gone, CTO of Makers Hive said.

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