Here's another rally you might be missing out on — While the market is giving back some of its gains from last week as traders take profits on the market’s frothy highs, Autodesk (NASDAQ:) stock is gaining a hefty 5% in early market trading.

With these gains, our readers who received the tip to buy the stock at the beginning of June for less than $9 a month are now collecting a fat 17% on the stock in June alone. Yet, despite the solid month-to-date gains, our fair value tool indicates that the stock still has room to grow another 12% upside potential.

And if that’s not enough, they also received several other fantastic tips that are leading to market-beating results this month, such as Adobe (NASDAQ:): +18.11% this month. They were also advised to hold on to Nvidia, which is up yet another 20.7% in June.

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The impressive performance follows an even better May run in which our users collected life-changing profits on stocks such as:

  • Perficient Inc (NASDAQ:): +56.39% in May.
  • Vistra Energy Corp (NYSE:): +37.08% in May.
  • Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:): +24.70% in May.
  • Applovin Corp (NASDAQ:): +18.30% in May.
  • NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:): +33.07% in May.
  • NAPCO Security Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:): +28.88% in May.
  • Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (NYSE:): +24.88% in May.
  • Wayfair Inc (NYSE:): +17% in May.

These results pushed our long-term real-world performance to a solid beat over the since our official launch in October:

  • Tech Titans: +68.99%
  • Beat the S&P 500: +32.88%
  • Dominate the Dow: +18.03%
  • Top Value Stocks: + 30.39%
  • Mid-Cap Movers: + 17.11%

This is no backtest. This is the real-world performance unfolded right in front of our eyes.

The real secret behind our AI’s top performance is that, unlike everything else out there, our strategies are forward-looking and not a momentum indicator.

Powered by the history of the stock market in data, our AI is designed to pick stocks before they rallythus not trying to chase the market. No bag-holding, just best-in-breed fresh stock picking.

This is the methodology that led our flagship Tech Titans strategy to garnish an eye-popping 1,768% return in our backtest over the last decade.Tech Titans Vs. Benchmark
Source: ProPicks

This means a $100K principal in our strategy would have turned into an eye-popping $1,868,000 by now.

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