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A restaurant with an Egyptian twist has made it’s way

ABINGTON — Mother’s Day is around the corner, and finding the perfect brunch spot to bring your special lady may be easier than you thought.

Yaz’s Table, a gem nestled in Abington, has made Yelp’s top 100 brunch spots nationwide for Mother’s Day, according to their data collected in-house.

The Egyptian-American restaurant is known for its captivating cocktails and exotic seasonings, and Yaz’s famous Egyptian hot sauce made 90th place on the list.

The Enterprise visited Yaz’s back in June to find out what sets the restaurant apart:

Here’s what makes Yaz’s Table so special Yaz’s Table brings an Egyptian twist to classic boozy brunch in Abington

“This is a remarkable achievement considering there are thousands of competing restaurants. What’s even more remarkable is that we are one of only two restaurants in Massachusetts to receive this coveted recognition,” said Yasmine Zakhary, the owner of Yaz’s Table.

“I am incredibly proud of this achievement and could not have accomplished it without the dedication and support of my team. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our guests who have left us glowing reviews on Yelp. Your kind words and encouragement have encouraged us to constantly raise the bar.”


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