How Do Contract Electronics Manufacturing Providers Ensure Business Continuity Management?

How Do Contract Electronics Manufacturing Providers Ensure Business Continuity Management?

Business continuity management (BCM) goes beyond monitoring and regulating the daily operations of an enterprise. BCM considers various possible risks that can affect production and creates strategies to mitigate them.
Original equipment manufacturers planning to outsource their production should make sure their electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers have an effective BCM strategy. This article will show some of the best practices manufacturers can use.

Thorough Business Analysis

There is no universal optimal approach to business continuity management. Every organisation should develop its own strategy and optimise it according to its needs and requirements. To do it, a company should start with an in-depth analysis of its business processes. This knowledge helps to identify the possibilities for production stabilization under inauspicious conditions.

When an emergency plan is developed, it should be tested. Furthermore, such evaluation should be performed regularly. This helps to detect weak points developed due to the changes in the company’s, country’s and world’s economic condition. Additionally, it makes the staff more aware of the possible risks, their prevention and handling the consequences of incidents. If the emergency plan is inadequate anymore, your EMS provider should update it.

An even more detailed examination is provided by BCM audits. Not only do they identify any problems related to risk management in the organisation, but they also check the compliance of your plan with legal standards and regulations.

Technology and Supply Chain Management Optimisation

The role of the technical equipment used by a contract electronics manufacturer is immeasurable.

Any disruptions in the work of machinery result in downtime. Depending on its severity, the consequences can be rather serious for both an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and an EMS provider.

Avoiding such situations and preparing quick solutions for unexpected scenarios is essential. That is why such experienced electronics manufacturers as Assel invest time and resources in effective equipment maintenance, timely device replacement and search for better machinery.

Another essential part of BCM is flexible supply chain management. Socio-economic changes as well as natural disasters and other unexpected situations can interrupt the supply chain for a long time. If you want to ensure you will still be able to manufacture your goods under new conditions, you should choose an EMS provider with a quick reaction, capable of readjusting the supply chain to a new situation.

Business Continuity Management Certification

If an EMS provider has successfully introduced a risk management plan and comprehensively documented it, such a company can gain ISO 22301 certificate. It is an international standard with a set of detailed requirements for effective emergency plans and their implementation in companies of various industries.

Choosing a certified contract manufacturer guarantees the continuity of business operations necessary for the production of your devices and helps you to develop a reputation as a trustworthy business partner. This is a great way to prove to your potential partners and customers that the supply of your products and their quality will be unchanged even in times of crisis.

A BCM certification is useful for complying with the regulations for niche manufacturing too. For example, it is a valuable addition to the ISO 13485 certificate for medical device production. Assel has successfully obtained both certificates.

Secure Quality and Continuity of Production with Competent EMS Provider

You cannot be sure your contract manufacturer will be able to handle emergency situations effectively if there is no clearly defined strategy for risk mitigation complying with the ISO 22301 requirements. If you want to learn more about EMS providers with effective BCM policies, visit asselms.com.

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