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How is the Installation of Modular Houses Carried Out?

How is the Installation of Modular Houses Carried Out?

The assembly of modular houses is a process that represents the art of assembly, technical precision and the exact work of specialists. The constructions we are talking about have their own peculiarities and differences, so they require an individual approach. But in any case, ordering such premises, the customer his time and budget. If you want to learn about all the nuances in detail, you can go here – The information is presented in a concise style, and if there are any questions, they can always be clarified with the managers of the site.

More Details on the Installation Process

It is important that all the steps are handled by professionals as they know all the nuances. If you are interested to know how modular house installation in London takes place, we will list some of the processes:

  1. Land preparation. Before you start installing modular homes, you need to prepare the site where they will be installed. Clearing and preparing the foundations or pile screws is an important step to ensure a level and firm surface to place the modules on.
  2. Transport of the modules. They are prefabricated in the factory and then transported to the installation site. Depending on the size of the module and the accessibility of the construction site, they can be delivered on special load platforms or vans.
  3. Crane installation. This stage usually takes place after the previous one, and the construction parts are lifted, thanks to a crane.
  4. Connecting the modules. Once the modules are in place, the modules are connected. This involves connecting electrical wiring, plumbing and joints between modules to ensure reliability and functionality.
  5. System integration. Again, the work here is done by specialists who know a lot about heating, electricity, plumbing, etc.
  6. Finishing and interior. The last stage of the modular house installation is the finishing and interior. Here windows, doors, floors, walls and other finishing materials are installed. This allows you to give the modular house an external appearance and create a cosy and functional environment inside.

The installation of a modular house is a consistent and co-ordinated work. Despite the number of processes, all stages can be completed quite quickly, which can be considered another advantage.


All customers order a modular turnkey house. As a result, they get the full range of necessary features. Therefore, if you had a desire to buy a small room, now is the time to do it and enjoy a useful purchase for many years to come.

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