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How You will Change Your Life with These 3 GEM Coins! – Medium


It is very important to get in before the Gem Koin winds start.

Nndiscovered crypto gems that sometimes bring 10–20 times earnings to their investors. With low market capitalization and low popularity, these cryptocurrencies require diligent research. Opportunity projects can be valued up to 100 or even 1000 times if they gain enough popularity due to their low market capitalization.

Today, I’m going to talk about three crypto gems that I’m putting my money into: low, medium, and big market sizes. You can choose not to invest in them if you want to. Please find out for yourself before you decide. This is not financial advice, so find out more about these projects on your own. Come with me as I talk about the three tokens I’m buying.

#1 — BaseSwap Blockchain

The first is BaseSwap, a low-market-size system on the BaseSwap blockchain. With a very small market size, it’s the best decentralized exchange (DEX) for Base blockchain. BaseSwap has 6.55 million in total value locked (TVL) on DeFi Llama. Because it’s so small, the market number isn’t shown there. But at Coin Market Cap, it’s only $71,000. Do you believe it?

Locked coins are on the Base blockchain, which has 292 million. That’s pretty good, almost in the top 10. BaseSwap, one of the most important DEXes on Base blockchain, only has a $171,000 market size. Its tokenomics say that there are 251 million in circulation, 569 million in total, and a maximum of 10 million in total supply over time. BaseSwap is worth 58 cents right now, and the market is worth $171,000.
The Base blockchain has this cool feature. A big controlled exchange called Coinbase made it, and Black Rock owns a piece of it. Black Rock has put in for a Bitcoin ETF, and it may be accepted in January. There’s a rumor that Coinbase will handle Black Rock’s Bitcoin ETF.

📈With a market cap of $171,000, the Base blockchain is ranked number 14. I think it has a lot of room to grow…


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