‘I need this right now!’ scream Aldi shoppers after spotting quirky new sweet treat dupe that ‘looks delicious’

ALDI shoppers have spotted a quirky new sweet treat that they say “looks delicious” and there are two flavours.

The discount supermarket is selling tubs of frozen cheesecake or “Freezecake” in two different flavours.

The discount supermarket is selling tubs of frozen cheesecake


The discount supermarket is selling tubs of frozen cheesecake

Foodies spotted the tubs in their local stores in recent days and have been raving about them on social media.

One shopper shared a photo of the Lemon and Raspberry flavour tub on Food Finds UK Official Facebook page.

They said: “RUN to Aldi. Also, have it in caramel and butterscotch… but I just love this flavour combo.”

Fellow sweet-toothed fans flocked to the comments eager to give it a go.

One tagged their pal said: “I need! Right now! Get it for me, woman!”

Another commented: “Ooooh I wonder if this is good???”

A third wrote: “Omg this looks delicious.”

While a fourth said: “That looks yummy.”

Aldi ‘I tried it, it’s so good’, foodies racing to snap up a posh festive tipple that’s just £6.99 – and it’s a must if you love chocolate

And a fifth posted: “O..m…g that looks delicious. That’s a must-have.”

“This is why Aldi is better, I need this wtfff,” another commented.

Many of them have called it a dupe for the popular product of the same name by the confectionary company Pleese.

A foodie posted on Instagram: “New Freezecakes dupes out now at Aldi.

“These look VERY similar to the only other frozen cheesecake tubs we know of…”

Aldi’s freezecakes come in two variations Lemon and Raspberry and Butterscotch and Caramel.

The packaging says the treats are “made of real cheesecake” and makes clear “it’s not ice cream”.

The fruity flavour is frozen lemon-flavoured cheesecake with raspberry-flavoured sauce and biscuit pieces coated in white chocolate, topped with freeze-dried raspberry pieces.

While the latter is frozen butterscotch cheesecake with caramel sauce and chocolate biscuit pieces coated in chocolate.

It’s then topped with caramel pieces.

Aldi shoppers can pick them up for £2.99 each in supermarkets now.

The Sun has contacted the discounter to see how long they’ll be around for and will update this story when we hear back.

Pleese’s original version is £5 a tub and can be found in Waitrose and Co-op.

The brand also makes Lemon and Raspberry and Butterscotch and Caramel flavours, as well as Double Chocolate.

It’s not the first time Aldi has recreated a popular sweet treat in recent months.

Shoppers are going wild for a new delicious dupe that they claim is even better than Cadbury‘s.

Costing just £1.39, the chocolate bar appears to be modelled on Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations treat – but it’s 60p cheaper.

Customers have also been rushing out to their nearest Aldi branch to grab bags of four mini chocolate egg cookies.

The sweet treats are dupes of Cadbury Mini Egg cookies which have been soaring in popularity recently.

The discount chain also launched its own version of Reeses’ peanut butter eggs.

If you’re after more dupes we rounded up six dupes you must buy to slash your supermarket shop by £13 including a McDonald’s copy fans can’t get enough of.

When’s the best time to shop at Aldi?

WHEN it comes to shopping at Aldi, the best time to do so depends on what you want to buy.

For reduced items – when shops open

Red sticker items are rare at Aldi’s 830 UK stores, but the supermarket says that none of its food goes to waste so there are some to be found – if you’re quick.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: “All items are reduced to 50 per cent of the recommend sales price before stores open on their best before or use by dates.”

That means you have the best chance of finding reduced food items if you go into stores as soon as it opens.

Opening times vary by shop but a majority open from 7am or 8am. You can find your nearest store’s times by using the supermarket’s online shop finder tool.

For Specialbuys – Thursdays and Sundays

Specialbuys are Aldi’s weekly collection of items that it doesn’t normally sell, which can range from pizza ovens to power tools.

New stock comes into stores every Thursday and Sunday, so naturally, these are the best days to visit for the best one-off special deals.

For an even better chance of bagging the best items, head there for your local store’s opening time.

You don’t have to head into stores to bag a Specialbuy, though.

They also go on sale online, usually at midnight on Thursday and Sunday, and you can pre-order them up to a week in advance.

As long as you spend at least £25, you’ll get the items delivered for free.

Remember: once they’re gone, they’re gone, so if there’s something you really want, visit as early as possible

How to save money at Aldi

It’s not just dupes that can save you money on your next Aldi shop.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for the retailer’s red stickers on products – staff add them when something has been reduced in price.

But it can catch some shoppers out as most supermarket chains add yellow stickers to reduced items.

Meanwhile, take super saver Tom Church’s advice and shop at the German discounter at 10am on a Wednesday.

This is when staff restock their regular items and you’ll have the best selection of products to choose from.

Or you could snap up one of the discounter’s energy-saving gadgets which means you won’t have to put the heating on.

Meanwhile, fans of a popular fast-food chain are raving over four new items that were added to the menu.

Plus, Asda shoppers have rushed to fill their baskets with a bizarre fruit that “tastes like white chocolate”.

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