I turned my Ford Fiesta into a mini camper… it took less than 10 minutes & didn’t make a mess of my motor

A MOTORIST has revealed how simple it can be to convert your car into a mini camper.

A YouTube channel called Farway Porch shows what life is like living in a converted microcar camper.

Farway Porch's channel is dedicated to showing what life is like in a micro camper car


Farway Porch’s channel is dedicated to showing what life is like in a micro camper carCredit: YouTube/@farawayporch

In one of his videos, he shows his viewers how easy it is for him to transform his Ford hatchback into a cosy mini camper.

The YouTuber also claims this method is suitable for any hatchback.

In the video, the YouTuber puts four boxes containing blankets, pillows, cutlery and other camping equipment on the floor at the back of his car.

He proceeds to take the headrests of the back seats and pushes the back seats down.

Using a wooden board for the boot he created himself a living area at the back of his car.

The board and the boxes level out the back giving the YouTuber a stable and spacious living space.

This was the most challenging part of the conversion.

Once he completed assembling his living space – he started to add features that would make it comfortable.

He set up a blanket cover and used a blowup mattress for his bed.

He additionally showed viewers how he eats by using a portable stove to cook on.

He also had brought a camping fridge with him.

Once he had completed his setup, viewers got to see what it was like inside the converted mini camper.

The YouTuber showed off the additional pace made by putting the back seats down and the importance of having a level platform to lie on.

The YouTuber claims it only took him ten minutes to convert his hatchback to a mini camper and takes the same amount of time to pack it up and convert it back to a hatchback.

People were amazed at the simplicity of the video with many leaving positive comments.

One user wrote: “Mate, that was fantastic.

“I’ve been trying to work out how to turn my tiny Micra into a little camper, without actually taking the thing apart.

“Thank you so much,” they added.

Another person said: “This is the best hatchback conversion I have seen so far… and I’ve seen a lot!

“It’s simple and easy to set up and break down without all the unnecessary attachments etc.

“Love it!”

While another commented: “This is great, a lot of thought went into it.

“Would never have realised you could do this in a fiesta.”

He said it took him only ten minutes to set up


He said it took him only ten minutes to set upCredit: YouTube/@farawayporch


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