I was useless at school – now I earn £10k a month at 26 and drive a sportscar …next I’ll buy a Lamborghini

A BRICKLAYER who left school at 16 with no GCSEs says he’s earning £10k a month and drives a £30k sportscar.

Kurt Malpass, 26, became self-employed at just 19 – and now earns up to £800 a day.

Kurt Malpass became self-employed at just 19


Kurt Malpass became self-employed at just 19Credit: SWNS
The 26-year-old bricklaying on a building site


The 26-year-old bricklaying on a building siteCredit: SWNS
He was able to buy an Audi S8


He was able to buy an Audi S8Credit: SWNS

Savvy Kurt was able to buy his first £110k three-bed home aged 19, drives a £30k Audi S8 and earns up to £10k a month.

He shared videos about his work on TikTok and Instagram, where he boasts he earns ‘£1 a brick’.

In actual fact, it’s 62p a brick – but it still enables him to live an affluent lifestyle he never thought possible as a youngster without conventional qualifications.

Kurt, from Tean, Staffordshire, said he still loves it years on – and has no plans to stop.

He said: “I’m quite clever but subjects like French, Spanish and geography never interested me.

“When I went to do bricklaying, I fell in love with it and I was naturally good at it too.

“I bought my first house at 19 – if you’re willing to work hard and put in the hours you can earn ridiculous money.

“Being a bricklayer, people don’t look at you like you’re a clever person.

“People think it’s easy and we’re overpaid for what we do – but it’s a skill and not everyone can do it.”

At 16 Kurt struggled at school and was even once excluded for his behaviour in class.

He was put on a vocational pathway and got his level one qualification, but was such a dab-hand he bypassed other levels and went straight to a site.

Three years later he was experienced enough to fly solo and has worked on everything from new builds to million-pound mansions.

Charging 62p per brick, he makes £500 for a full day – but can make up to £800 if he works a long shift.

He earns between £8k and £10k per month – and people reckon he’s lying when they find out how much he makes.

Kurt said: “When people see me doing it on Tiktok they think it’s easy, and that they could do it, but it’s not.

“I also get a lot of comments saying ‘my family member is a bricklayer, they don’t earn this money’.

“But if you’re willing to work hard and put the hours in, you can earn ridiculous money.”

He bought his first house aged 19, although he has moved since then, and at 26 drives a £30k Audi sports car which he bought outright.

He said he’s working his way up to being able to buy a Lamborghini and hopes to start investing in property as a second income too.

He said: “I love it, I find it therapeutic.

“I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without bricklaying.”


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