I’m a car expert – here are your rights when your nightmare neighbour parks across your driveway

A CAR expert has revealed your rights when a nightmare neighbour parks across your drive.

The lawyer for Jardine Motors Group said that blocking someone’s drive can be a breach of the Highway Code.

Your nightmare neighbour could be breaking Rule 243 of the Highway Code


Your nightmare neighbour could be breaking Rule 243 of the Highway CodeCredit: Getty

They said: “Parking over and blocking a driveway belonging to someone else is one of the most common reasons that people end up falling out with their neighbours.”

Rule 243 of the Highway Code says that vehicles should not park “in front of an entrance to a property“.

But this rule is only “advisory” – and not a legal requirement for drivers.

The expert said: “It often comes as a big surprise to find out that it isn’t actually illegal for a motorist to park in front of a private driveway.

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“As you may not backed up by law, the best thing you can do is to approach them calmly and try to sort out the situation amicably.”

The Met Police’s parking guidance reads: “If someone has blocked your driveway so you can’t drive in, we appreciate this can be very frustrating.

“If you can find the owner of the vehicle, we’d first recommend asking them politely to move it.

“If you can’t find them, try leaving a note on their windscreen. After all, they may not realise they have caused a problem.

“If this doesn’t work, please contact your local council.”

It comes after a man whose neighbour always cut across his driveway took the perfect revenge – before she arrived home.

A dad says he can’t park on his own drive without damaging his car after the local council made a huge blunder.


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