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A SIMPLE setting change that can be done with one single tap can greatly increase security protection on your devices.

The setting change works for iPhone or Android but it may go unnoticed by some or it can get backed up if ignored for too long.

Setting your apps and operating systems to update automatically will increase security protection on your devicesCredit: Getty

The tip was brought to light by computer security company McAfee as part of its ways to make the internet safer.

To greatly increase the security protection on your devices, people have been instructed to set their apps and operating systems to update automatically.

“Updates do all kinds of great things for gaming, streaming, and chatting apps—like adding more features and functionality over time. Updates do something else. They make those apps more secure,” McAfee said.

Keeping your devices updated is important because the updates fix bugs that cause vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities allow hackers to access data on your devices.

Hackers will hammer away at apps to find or create vulnerabilities, which can steal personal info or compromise the device itself,” McAfee said.

“Updates will often include security improvements, in addition to performance improvements.  

If a hacker accesses your device through a vulnerability, they may be able to get ahold of your private information.

You especially do not want them to get ahold of saved bank information that may be on your device.

The hackers hope to get ahold of usernames, passwords, security questions information, addresses, or anything that can help them break through your bank account.

If they successfully get ahold of bank information, they could drain your accounts.

However, changing your apps and operating systems to update automatically can help you keep everything in line without having to worry about it even if updates are added frequently.

Your device will automatically download updates when they are available.


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