I’m a security expert – three ‘red flag’ lies in a message that mean you’re being targeted by a criminal… – The US Sun

A POPULAR security firm has revealed three red flags to watch out for in text messages or emails.

Spotting these warning signs could save you from entering a bank-draining scam.

McAfee has revealed three red flags to watch out for when checking your messagesCredit: Getty

The red flags have been pointed out by a McAfee expert on the security firm’s website.

Under a section called Spotting an imposter—What we will and won’t do, the write reveals three things the security specialists would not do to you.

Firstly, McAfee would never charge you for customer service.

This applies to a lot of big tech brands, so it’s a red flag that can be applied to other scam texts.

The McAfee website states: “As a McAfee customer, you receive free support as part of your subscription.

“If you need help with one of your McAfee products, contact McAfee Customer Service. You can speak with our service agents by phone or chat.”

McAfee would also never make abusive or harassing calls.

Similarly, other big brands like Google or your bank would never threaten you over the phone.

This is a common tactic used by scammers to get you to part with money fast.

McAfee says: “McAfee will never call you and ask you to pay for customer service.

“If you receive one of these calls, it’s not from us. If the call feels harassing or gets abusive nature, hang up.

“Contact McAfee Customer Service and report the call to one of our team members.”

Finally, McAfee won’t ask you for sensitive information.

It says: “Be suspicious of communications that ask you for information such as your Social Security number, PINs, and bank or payment details.”

If you get a suspicious message asking for these details it’s likely a scam.

Never give away important details like your SSN unless absolutely necessary.


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