In volo con Leonardo: STEMLab work orientation project – Leonardo

PCTOs, pathways launched by the Ministry of Education for all students in their last three years of secondary school (replacing the former “alternanza scuola lavoro” – school-work alternation – programmes), play a key role in furthering young people’s education at school by building into the curriculum specific training that is already oriented towards future work activities. This project is one of Leonardo’s contributions to the development of the younger generations within study areas that are key to fostering competitiveness, sustainable growth and innovation.

“In volo con Leonardo”, which consists of activities that are carried out entirely “remotely”, introduces students to themes connected with the world of flight and gives them a fascinating training course based on presentations, documents, video lessons and podcasts. From airport services to drones, from electrification to vertical flight, the Pathway covers a vast range of subjects that guide students through the world of Leonardo and enables them to learn about its products and the skills needed to work in this industry.

This educational initiative enriches and expands Leonardo’s multi-faceted STEMLab project focused on the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and technological innovation. It has been conceived to promote scientific citizenship and the transfer of knowledge from the world of work to that of schools. Launched by the company in 2021, STEMLab has been used by over 1,600 teachers across 1,200 schools nationwide and has involved tens of thousands of students, enabling them to access multimedia teaching resources and to take part in Live Talks and the STEM Olympics.


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