Inside the tech revolution at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's new … – Becker's Hospital Review

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is gearing up for a leap into the future of pediatric healthcare with the opening of the Arthur M. Blank Hospital on Sept. 29, 2024. 

The 446-bed facility, dedicated to pediatrics, will enable much more complete technology integration, location awareness, automation and video capabilities than the vast majority of existing hospitals, Jeremy Meller, CIO of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, told Becker’s.

“The new facility is expansive — so we need to do everything possible to save time and allow our caregivers to be able to focus on our patients,” he said. 

The hospital’s rooms will be designed to incorporate the latest patient engagement capabilities, using both mobile apps and in-room screens to support self-service and information sharing. Rooms will also have two-way video that, when enabled, will allow easy access to interpretive services, enable remote monitoring when needed, and foster virtual interactions between patients and their families.

Real-time location technology is another key aspect of the hospital’s tech arsenal, and according to Michelle Tillis, BSN, RN, vice president of IS&T and nursing informatics of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, it will extend beyond traditional equipment locating to include staff members. Ms. Tillis said this technology will not only bolster security measures but will integrate with the patient engagement system to provide valuable information about the presence of healthcare professionals in patient rooms.

“Location awareness provides a number of benefits for both patients and staff, from the patient or family being able to see the names of clinicians in the room with them, to contact tracing or allowing a staff member who is under duress being able to push a button right on their badge to give security their exact location instantly,” she said.

The facility will also showcase a fleet of 65 robots, with dedicated elevators for efficient mobility. These robots will be divided into backstage and front-facing roles, handling tasks such as transporting supplies, pharmacy deliveries and meal distribution.

As Arthur M. Blank Hospital boasts a sprawling 2 million square feet, with the potential for expansion to 700 beds, its infrastructure is being specifically designed to accommodate the demands of modern healthcare, according to Mr. Meller.


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