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The first transactions have already been completed and the first item is an apartment in Minsk World. Funds were transferred through a company registered in the Hi-Tech Park.

The cryptocurrency market instruments were used by buyers from Lebanon to transfer their funds to an account in a Belarusian bank bypassing long chains of foreign correspondent banks. The transfer was carried out through a crypto exchange, which is a partner of the real estate developer in the Hi-Tech Park.

Evgenia Penkovskaya, Head of the Finance and Economy of the developer.

What’s the essence of a transaction with the use of payment instruments of the cryptocurrency market ? What is the difference between this method and the traditional one?

We have customers from many countries, from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. There are a lot of buyers from Europe. It is very important for them to have a convenient, reliable but more advanced way to transfer funds to the Republic of Belarus.

Помимо того, что компания стремится предоставить клиентам максимально гибкие условия приобретения недвижимости, будь то беспроцентная рассрочка или партнерские соглашения с белорусскими банками, особое значение уделяется комфортным условиям совершения платежа.

It is important to note that the matter is about the use of cryptocurrency market instruments and not about the sale of real estate for cryptocurrency.

If we talk about a transaction itself, a traditional purchase transaction implies that a buyer comes to a seller’s office, signs a contract and makes a payment at a bank office. If you use a cryptocurrency exchange, this transaction can be done from anywhere in the world, from your home, provided you have access to the Internet.

What are the advantages of using such a transaction tool?

First of all, it is convenient. You can send funds through the blockchain ecosystem if you have the Internet and a laptop. Our property is often purchased for investment purposes by people who live abroad and cannot visit Minsk often to make payments. To buy our property, a customer can credit money on his/her bank account using cryptocurrency instruments. It should be noted that we view this tool as an addition to the existing traditional methods of payment through the banking system.

This form of payment may suit those who have invested money in cryptocurrency for safety, and are now thinking about acquiring real estate. Another advantage of this payment method is the speed of transactions. Often the seller can see the money faster than when the buyer visits a bank office.

As practice has shown, this tool is gaining ground in transactions all over the world. The average daily trading volume of a single cryptocurrency exchange can average $65 billion in equivalent. For comparison, the average daily trading volume on the currency market of the Moscow Exchange in May 2023 was about $12 billion in equivalent.

The Minsk World developers offer the widest possible range of opportunities so that interested clients from Belarus and other parts of the world could quickly become owners of apartments in the center of Minsk:

· installment plans for 48 or 60 months

· 24-month installment plan on certain houses without price increase

· a loan from a partner bank for up to 20 years and at the interest rate from 4.99% in the first year (with a 60% down payment). When the loan covers up to half the value of the object, no guarantors are required.

Do you live in another country but are interested in buying real estate in the center of the Belarusian capital? You may be interested in the possibility of acquiring apartments with the help of the cryptocurrency market mechanism tested by the Minsk World developer.

The companies-developers sales specialists will be glad to help you to become the owner of an apartment in the center of Minsk and will advise you on possible payment options, including the use of cryptocurrencies.

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911, the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719. Feel free to come to the office located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street! Our consultants look forward to your calls and visits in 57 cities and towns across Belarus.

Become an owner of upmarket apartments
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