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Many people are beginning to feel left out by the rallying crypto prices. The market has also grown consistently in the last couple of months, adding more than $530 billion since October 1. Major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) present strong bullish cases, with the latter increasing in value by 62% to $43,77-7 and the former by 40% to $2,350 in the same period.

Blue chip altcoins comprising tokens like Solana (SOL)Chainlink (LINK), and Cardano (ADA) have equally grown in double-digits, hinting at the start of the altcoin season.

This article will dive into the leading digital asset in the market to help investors gauge whether it is the best time to buy Bitcoin or is it too late.

Navigating The Bitcoin Bull Run

Bitcoin price has outperformed all other global markets, recording a 163% increase compared to a 20% growth in the S&P 500 year-to-date. Investor interest remains high despite various forces bombarding the industry both from within and externally.

The implosion of Sam-Bankman Fried’s exchange FTX in November last year could have broken the market but it did not. However, it opened a can of worms as regulators in the US and across the world raced to close all loopholes that they had seemingly missed in the name of protecting investors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched unending attacks on entities and projects in the industry while reigning down on crypto figures like Binance’s former CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Through all the ups and downs, Bitcoin price seems to be reigning supreme, especially with the latest move that stopped short of $45,000. This sudden increase in BTC is welcome to investors, but mainly those who bought in early, say below $30,000.

However, for some investors, the spike in price is a wake-up call—more like a warning that they could miss out on the bull run altogether.

This brings us to the question; is it too late to buy Bitcoin in December? The answer to this question is simple, “NO.”

The projections for the next bull market paint an extremely bullish picture for Bitcoin, considering the approaching spot ETF approval catalyst and the halving in 2024.

According to analysts like Rekt Capital, Bitcoin is not even near the bull run, if history is anything to go buy. Based on the four-year cycles “the next bull market peak may occur 518-546 days after halving,” which is expected in April 2024. In other words, the next bull run could peak around mid-September or mid-October 2025.

In another post on X, the analyst figuratively showed how Bitcoin’s four-year cycles play out. In his opinion the bear market is behind us and the bull market is on the verge of starting.

Rekt Capital is not alone in believing that the market is in the early stages of a bull run. @Cryptographur, in an analysis shared on X, said that both Bitcoin and Ethereum are still early in the bull market, underscoring the importance of buying most cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Will BTC Rise To $50,000 In December

Bitcoin’s rally can be attributed to the hype preceding the likely launch of spot ETFs in the US, which according to Bloomberg’s analyst Eric Balchunas marked out a window between January 5 and 10 when the much-awaited investment products would go live.

Meanwhile, traders are concerned with resistance at $45,000, holding Bitcoin from closing the gap to $50,000. Blockchain analytics company Santiment pointed out that traders fear that the current price swings could drive the market into a bull trap.

Bitcoin price chart | Tradingview

Despite Bitcoin pausing the uptrend short of $45,000, Santiment believes that “FUD could propel BTC to $50k if it increases.”

While Bitcoin may have rallied 163% from year to date, it does not mean this is its peak, or should it feel that it is too late to buy into the leading digital asset. The best way to approach investing in Bitcoin would be to learn how to DCA which will allow you to buy at different price levels and find the average price. As Bitcoin price rallies into the bull run, investors can compare the return on investment based on the average purchase price.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. It is essential to do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any asset.

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