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More footage from the eagerly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 has been leaked online via TikTok just two days before the game’s first trailer premieres to the world.

The leaker, which has since been removed by Rockstar Games, was slowed down footage of the game in a debug menu including footage of the downtown area of Vice City, which is rumoured to be part of the massive map.

It was also posted on the GTA6 Subreddit where it was also promptly removed by editors but has since been ripped and is now doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter/X respectively.

Initially, the wide consensus was that the footage wasn’t real and was part of an elaborate prank but numerous gamers have since dug deep into the details and they believe there are a few bits of evidence that say that it is legit.

Firstly there are claims that the post was shared by the son of Aaron Garbut, one of the top names at Rockstar North, GTA6’s developers. There is nothing official which says that Garbut’s son was responsible for the leak, other than that the account that shared the footage said that they knew him and in the comments said he’s “the coolest dude I met.”

Reddit has also uncovered a screenshot of an apparent text conversation between Aaron Garbut and an unknown person which appears to show him confirming that the leak is real as well as other details about the map, which states that it will be made up of 3 major cities and 4 subcities surrounding them.

Another air of validity to the leak relates to the huge leak that occurred in September 2022. An analysis shared on Imgur shows that the building shared in the two leaks does appear to match but bear in mind, this is based on very rough imagery.

Now despite the leaked footage going viral Rockstar is understandably removing anything from social media that includes the footage so it might not be online for long.

This would also give some legitimacy to the footage being real and given the various links to Rockstar in the leak, you could forgive GTA fans for believing that it is real.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter as gamers around the globe will all get to see what the game looks like on Tuesday when the trailer debuts at 9 am ET.

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