It's 400+ seats for Manchester City

In a remarkable, unprecedented turn of events that has left pundits applauding their hands out, Manchester City has managed what its manager Pep Guardiola had promised: winning a staggering 400-plus seats. The sky-blue juggernaut not only won the highest title the topmost league can offer, but they also have become all-time champions by procuring 416 seats, one more than Rajiv Gandhi won in the 1984 elections. Chants of ‘Jai Sri City, it’s our time again!’ were heard everywhere from loyal Citizens, now turned into even more fervent fans. Pep, with his sharp suits and sharper rhetoric, has managed to pretty much unite a country that usually can’t agree on anything except their mutual disdain for fouls, red cards and VARs.

Meanwhile, City’s star players were seen celebrating vigorously, promising to bring the same ‘total football‘ philosophy to governance that goes ‘beyond vote-bank politics’. Kevin De Bruyne‘s manifestos and Phil Foden‘s strategy were a blend of pinpoint crosses and policy promises, while Erling Haaland‘s campaigning was all about attaining goals – some, perhaps, a bit too emotive for the comfort of some punters. So, while the opposition licks its wounds, Parliament will now ring with chants of ‘Blue Moon‘. One can’t help but wonder if this might be the start of a whole new kind of unbeatable dynasty in Indian polity.


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