‘It’s brilliant’ say shoppers as Morrisons launches massive change which could make it better than Aldi and Lidl

MORRISONS have launched a massive change that threatens to make it better than Aldi and Lidl.

The UK’s fifth largest supermarket chain could soon be about to fly up the ranks after announcing the decision to price-match hundreds of products to its German rivals.

Morrisons has become a serious rival for Aldi and Lidl following its latest change


Morrisons has become a serious rival for Aldi and Lidl following its latest changeCredit: PA

Hundreds of products will now be price-matched in order to win back customers

This means that a number of lines will drop in price and become even more affordable for its shoppers and Brits in general.

Aldi and Lidl are considered the two cheapest supermarkets in the UK but Morrisons are now looking to gain ground on the pair by offering certain items at the same price or lower than its budget rivals.

Products that are included range from corn flakes, canned tomatoes, baby wipes, rice and bread, to household cleaning products and toilet rolls.

New signage will now be present in stores to highlight which products are included.

Morrisons also says it will check prices twice a week, and will adjust them if necessary.

The initiative, which aims to win back customers, has been praised by many loyal shoppers and branded as “brilliant”.

“This is great for me,” said one person. “I like Aldi, but I can’t do a full shop there as there are too many things I buy regularly that they don’t sell.

“Having a price match might help me a bit.”

A second added: “I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the savings. Thank you.”

A third commented: “Excellent, well done.”

It comes as Morrisons has slashed the price of Cadbury and Nestle Easter eggs to just £2 to leave shoppers buzzing.

Chains have been stocking their shelves with treats as it gets closer to the big day, and a price war has already kicked off.

And the supermarket’s shoppers have also been racing to the tills to buy one cheap gadget that promises to slash your energy bills.

For only £7, you can say goodbye to expensive oven cooking.


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