‘It’s frustrating’: Fleabag star Andrew Scott urges West End to slash ticket prices

Actor Andrew Scott has suggested cheap theatre tickets should be put on a “sale rack” so that young people can see West End productions without having to spend £150.

The actor, known for television roles such as the “hot” priest in Fleabag and Moriarty in Sherlock, has won two Olivier Awards for his theatre work.

His most recent production, Vanya, an adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya will be shown in cinemas this month.

Scott, 47, told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme: “No matter how zeitgeisty or how modern you think your play is, if you are having to spend £150, no person between the age of 16-25 or beyond is going to be able to afford that. That is frustrating to me.

“Hopefully, there is some night or two nights a week when you can get something like a sale rack, you have to be prepared to rummage a little bit. It is important that it doesn’t remain an elitist art form,” he said.

Last November The Crown star Dominic West called West End ticket prices “crazy”.

David Tennant, the former Doctor Who star, said some tickets had become “ludicrously” expensive and warned that young people would be deterred from going to the theatre.

“We have to look after the industry from the bottom up because we won’t be making great telly and we won’t be making Oscar-winning movies if we don’t still have a thriving theatre scene,” Tennant said.

Tickets for Plaza Suite, which stars husband and wife Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, cost from £125 to £395.

National Youth Theatre artistic director Paul Roseby has also warned that theatre had become a luxury.

A survey by The Stage newspaper showed the average price of the most expensive tickets was £141, but the average price of the cheapest had risen by more than inflation to £25.


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