Kate’s sad news should give the press pause for thought | Brief letters

Re the recent coverage of the Princess of Wales (too numerous to list), may I say, on behalf of many readers, that a period of silence from you on this would now be most welcome (Catherine, Princess of Wales, receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer, 22 March)?
James Churchill
Baslow, Derbyshire

Prof Regan admits to his family eating “ice-cream” all year round (Letters, 21 March). Well, here in West Yorkshire, one of the first signs of spring is the sound of the Dixon’s ice-cream van’s familiar chimes. Now that is ice-cream, made fresh, straight from the cow.
Dr Mark Wilcox
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

I took a CD of my beloved String Quintet in C by Schubert when I went to have a cataract operation (Letters, 21 March). The machinery in use was so noisy, Schubert was lost to me. However, the operating team told me afterwards how much they had enjoyed the music.
Nicola Campbell
Macclesfield, Cheshire

Regarding “spending a penny” (Letters, 20 March), our newly refurbished toilet facilities in Derby bus station are now 50p. A combination of coins can be used but “no change is given”. The North Yorkshire coast users should consider themselves lucky.
Sally Davies
Sandiacre, Derbyshire

Politicians have had the opportunity to join a range of parties over the years – including Reclaim, Renew, Reform and Respect. I would like to propose a new party, the Reflux party. This could attract those politicians that keep popping back up to irritate us, leaving a nasty taste in the mouth.
Mick Brett


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