Know Your Fund Manager | Niket Shah, Chief Investment Officer, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund

Let’s start with your personal story

My educational journey began with a Bachelor’s in Commerce from RA Podar College and an MBA in finance from Welingkar’s Institute of Management Studies. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Matunga, Mumbai, I was immersed in a family where education and diverse expertise were highly valued. My father, a chartered accountant, and my mother, a lawyer, instilled in me principles of integrity and analytical thinking. My wife, a fashion designer, adds creativity to our family, while my son embodies a passion for learning. My sister, now an actuary, also contributes to our family’s diverse skill set. My personal narrative is one woven with threads of education, familial bonds, and the rich tapestry of my upbringing in the dynamic city of Mumbai.

How did you land up in this job?

My professional journey has been marked by a series of deliberate steps, each contributing to my growth and expertise in the realm of finance. It commenced in 2008 with Religare Institutional Research, where I laid the foundation for my career, delving into the intricacies of financial analysis and market trends. Building upon this experience, I transitioned to Edelweiss Institutional Research in 2010, further refining my skills and expanding my knowledge base.In 2014, I embarked on a new chapter at Motilal Oswal Research, where I was a Midcap Research analyst until 2018. Then, I transitioned to our Asset Management Company (AMC) business, drawn by the opportunity to play a more strategic role in investment decision-making.
Currently, I serve as the Chief Investment Officer, entrusted with the critical responsibility of overseeing our investment strategies and driving performance excellence. This role allows me to leverage my years of experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape, steering our organisation towards sustainable growth and success.

Which funds are you currently managing?

Currently, I am entrusted with the management of two significant funds. The first is our Midcap Fund, which boasts an impressive size of Rs 9900 crore, reflecting investor confidence and the fund’s robust performance. Additionally, I oversee our Flexi Fund, which stands at an impressive size of Rs 9950 crore. These funds represent diverse investment opportunities and strategies aimed at delivering optimal returns while mitigating risk for our investors.

What is your investment philosophy, and how will you describe your investment strategy?

Our investment philosophy is encapsulated by the QGLP approach: Quality, Growth, Longevity, and reasonable Valuations. We focus on investing in high-quality companies with strong management, robust growth potential (exceeding 20%), and a sustainable business model. We prioritise companies that offer enduring value while maintaining a disciplined approach to valuation, ensuring our investments are made at reasonable levels. This strategy enables us to deliver consistent, long-term returns to our investors.

What gives you the kick while managing other people’s money?

What motivates me to manage other people’s money is the real impact it has on their lives. Hearing stories of how our funds have helped investors achieve their dreams, whether buying a car, funding a wedding, or securing their children’s education, fills me with immense satisfaction. Knowing that our work contributes to financial freedom and the realisation of aspirations for many Indians is what drives me forward every day.


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