Lanistar's Google Pay is Now Live – Check Out These New Developments as Well

Lanistar’s Google Pay is Now Live – Check Out These New Developments as Well

Benzinga – Lanistar just got better with its new Google Pay feature. More developments are yet to unfold in 2023, each one propelling the budding Fintech company to new heights and a more extensive customer base.

Founded in 2019, Lanistar was created to challenge the traditional status quo of traditional banks by offering its own trendy take on e-banking.

The company offers its own virtual card through which customers can pay and receive money in a streamlined manner. Lanistar app users can track daily spending through the dashboard and the RoundUp feature helps to boost your savings.

Lanistar’s goal is to become a fintech unicorn. For those not in the know-how of entrepreneurial lingo, a unicorn is a startup that successfully attained a valuation of $1 billion. Few companies earn this coveted status, making it a valuable achievement.

The Google Pay Option is Now Live For Lanistar Users In Brazil

Customers will no longer have to wonder if their virtual Lanistar card will be accepted at major stores. The new addition of a Google Pay option boosts Lanistar’s reach across various stores, as it goes live for customers in Brazil.

Google Pay is widely used across 40 countries, according to the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. Lanistar’s integration with the tech company’s software improves its functionality and allows users to pay from their phones. Lanistar users don’t have to take their wallets anywhere, just simply tap on the go to pay for their shopping.

Combined with the 3DS security option which requires pin-code authentication, you only need your phone to shop both online and in physical stores.

Lanistar Will Participate in an Ambitious Eco-friendly Venture For 2023

Lanistar has decided to go virtual with its card services due to the bad effect of plastic on the environment which is used to make regular credit and debit cards.

But the virtual card provider wants to go one step further. For every new customer that signs up for Lanistar, a tree will be planted to repair damaged and barren forest territories. If Lanistar grows its customer base to an audience large enough to qualify the company for a $1 billion valuation (Unicorn status), the positive effects on the environment could be massive.

Crypto Exchange Launch is Slated For May

Lanistar provides virtual cards and e-payment services for now but its product offerings are expected to expand to crypto as well.

A brand new crypto-exchange will fully launch in May. Lanistar’s customers can enjoy the experience of trading in the crypto industry while established trades have a place to invest and organize their funds in.

Lanistar to Offer Apple Pay Soon

Alongside Google Pay, Lanistar will improve its reach to potential customers with the option of Apple Payment as well.

According to Apple Pay statistics, the number of users benefitting from the payment technology is expected to reach 48.7 million by 2023. By integrating mainstream payment platforms, Lanistar will be able to reach a global audience sooner than we think.

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