Latest Microsoft alerts may finally convince you to ditch Windows 10 for good

PC owners who are sticking firmly with Windows 10 could be about to get another big nudge from Microsoft. It appears the US technology giant is on a new mission to get users switching over to Windows 11 with some being targeted by giant pop-up alerts urging them to make the move.

As spotted by the team at Windows Latest, these new messages – which fill up the whole screen – not only explain the advantages of Microsoft’s latest operating system but also how easy it is to upgrade for free.

Users are seeing a number of pop-ups including one that reads, “You’re eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11,” this is then followed by a note that adds, “Microsoft recommends Windows 11 for your PC”, and finally another box appears with reminds users that they can “try without worry, if Windows 11 isn’t for you you can go back to Windows 10 within the first 10 days.”

Despite Windows 11 being on offer since 2021, Windows 10 remains the most popular operating system on the planet with recent stats suggesting it still has a whopping 60 percent share of the market.

It’s clearly a worry for the US software giant, especially as all support for this OS ends later next year meaning those who don’t upgrade could be left with PCs that won’t get updates, new features or vital security patches.

Microsoft has issued a number of alerts about the death of Windows 10 with the Redmond firm saying, “Once a Microsoft operating system (OS) reaches the end of support, customers will no longer receive technical assistance, software updates, or security fixes.”

“We recommend upgrading to a version of Windows that is still supported. A new device that can run Windows 11 makes for an easy transition and a great experience.”


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