LETTER: Unwelcoming sign hurts tourism – Park Rapids Enterprise

Tourist season! It’s here. With open arms, we welcome our out-of-town friends. We love the way they enjoy the Park Rapids’ area. The economy booms during this time. Many of us rely on this time of year for our annual income.

However, there is a not-so-welcoming sign on State Hwy. 34, just east of Park Rapids.

I honestly don’t care if it reads “DEMOCRATS ARE RUINING OUR COUNTRY” or “REPUBLICANS ARE RUINING OUR COUNTRY” because that signs says to everyone “PARK RAPIDS DOES NOT WELCOME YOU.”

I see the sign every day on my way to work. I’ve often thought, “What is the point of this message?” To divide our country further? To blame someone, anyone, for issues in our lives? To make certain some people feel bad, scared, threatened? Is there any kind of positive message hidden in there? Some kind of healing, mending fences or understanding of each other’s point of view?

In the end, the sign can be summed up in one word: HATE! Absolutely nothing welcoming or positive about Park Rapids is there.

And if you are visiting here from out of town, please know this sign does not represent our community or state. It’s on private property, so we can’t do anything about it, but know that we would love to have it removed.

Next time you drive by that sign, try substituting “Democrats” with another noun, like Christians, Norwegians, Park Rapids residents or females. See how that resonates with you.


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