Listening to trains from home

Whether your city has an overground metro, a city train transit system or clear enough air for sound to travel distances, listening to trains from your home provides a delightful pleasure of urban living. The joy derived from the rhythmic cadence makes you aware of what it is to be alive in the city.

Reminded of urban life ‘out there’ transforms the mundane into a captivating, throbbing experience. The distinct hum of the train, like a giant metallic serpent slithering through the city’s veins, weaves a narrative of bustling energy. The intermittent clatter of wheels on tracks makes for an EDM/ electronica music that Kraftwerk would be proud of.

What you hear from your home is a soundtrack of the ebb and flow of the man-machine. The overhead Metro train pulling out of the station, your ear following its invisible curving path, and then its acoustic disappearance – until the next one arrives/departs – is modernity’s magic. Visually, the subway’s aerial dance provides a visual spectacle. The distant city trains tell you that you are part of this city.


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