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Longlegs: Here's what we know so far about release date, director, cast, plot, teasers

Longlegs is set to terrify audiences in 2024. Directed by Oz Perkins, the film promises to be a chilling experience, blending classic Hollywood psychological thriller elements with modern horror sensibilities. Here’s everything you need to know about this highly anticipated movie.

Release Date

Longlegs is scheduled to hit cinemas on July 12, 2024, bringing Halloween vibes early this year. Directed by Oz Perkins, the film promises to be a standout in the horror genre, offering a fresh take on the classic thriller formula.


Oz Perkins, known for films like The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel, helms Longlegs, promising a film that will linger in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll. Perkins’ unique directorial style adds to the anticipation surrounding the movie.


The cast of Longlegs is led by Maika Monroe, who plays FBI Agent Lee Harker. Nicolas Cage joins the cast as the elusive serial killer, adding a layer of intrigue to the film. With supporting roles from Alicia Witt and Blair Underwood, Longlegs boasts a talented ensemble.


Longlegs follows FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) as she investigates a serial killer, portrayed by Nicolas Cage. The case takes a supernatural turn, revealing links to the occult and a personal connection between Harker and the killer. The film promises a tense race against time to prevent further tragedy.


Longlegs’ marketing campaign has captivated audiences with cryptic teasers hinting at the film’s chilling atmosphere and mysterious plot. One teaser explores the Nine Circles of Hell, suggesting a narrative that delves into themes of sin, punishment, and redemption.


When is Longlegs being released?
Longlegs is set to be released in cinemas on July 12, 2024, bringing early Halloween chills to audiences in what promises to be a standout year for horror.

Who is the director of Longlegs?
Longlegs is directed by Oz Perkins, known for his work on films like The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel, promising a film that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

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