Luvly is a new Swedish mobility brand hoping to reinvent the role of the car in the city – Wallpaper*

Mobility is massing for change. In one corner, you have the traditional auto industry, a place where brands old and new are duking it out in time-honoured fashion trying to reshape the future to conform to their particular vision. In the other, you have the relatively unexplored realm of mini- and micro-mobility, a thicket of fresh innovation and new spins on old ideas.  

Luvly is a Swedish start-up that wants to conquer personal urban transport without smothering the qualities that make cities so appealing. No one could deny that the modern city hasn’t weathered the collision with the automobile especially well; 21st-century urban planning is partly about unpicking the tangled legacy of the car.

Luvly O EV being driven on urban street

(Image credit: Luvly)

Luvly believes that there’s another way. The Luvly O, the Stockholm-based company’s debut model, was designed by Joachim Nordwall, who previously worked for Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg. With a range of 100km and a top speed of around 90km/h, Luvly hopes the O can be sold for around €10,000 when it launches later this year. 


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