Market Expert Says Altcoin Summer Is Just Around The Corner, Here’s The Timeline

Crypto expert Michael Van de Poppe recently predicted that altcoins would make significant upside moves. The analyst also provided a timeline for when this will happen and how parabolic the move could be for these crypto tokens. 

Altcoins Will Make A Move In The Summer

Van de Poppe mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that altcoins are ready for their upward run and will see a lot of momentum from late June until September or October. The crypto analyst added that these altcoins will reprice back to their normal values when this move occurs, alluding to the “big cascade” they have suffered since the start of the year. 

Van de Poppe has for a while now continued to hammer on how undervalued altcoins are and previously predicted that they were going to make significant moves in their Bitcoin pair post-halving. Back then, he also predicted that there would be a narrative shift to Ethereum and suggested that the second-largest crypto by market would lead other altcoins into the altcoin season. 

The analyst also believes that the Spot Ethereum ETFs could trigger this altcoin season once they begin trading. This would explain why he predicted that the altcoin season would begin in late June since Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas predicted these Ethereum ETFs would begin trading around that period. 

Van de Poppe has also revealed that he was well-positioned ahead of this altcoin season. He once mentioned that he had swapped all his Bitcoin holdings for altcoins. In a recent X post, he also stated that he had switched his altcoin exposure towards different altcoins in a bid to enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI). He claimed that he was comfortable with his exposure and reaffirmed that there would be a “strong altcoin run.”

The analyst also provided some insights into altcoins that he might have accumulated when he listed ten undervalued tokens that he believes will make a run in this bull cycle. The tokens he listed included Chainlink (LINK), Celestia (TIA), Arbitrum (ARB), Polkadot (DOT), and Cosmos (ATOM), amongst others. 

Time To Position Ahead Of The Altcoin Season

Crypto analyst Lark Davis recently mentioned that it “could be the time to go down the risk curve” and position early for the altcoin season. He made this statement while discussing whether or not the altcoin season was starting soon. He shared data from Blockchain Center, which showed that the market is still far from an altcoin season. 

Blockchain Center has an altcoin season index that gauges whether or not it is the altcoin season. Based on the index, it is only altcoin season when 75% of the top 50 coins by market cap outperform Bitcoin over the past 90 days. So far, only 12 altcoins have outperformed Bitcoin during this period, meaning that it is still Bitcoin season.

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