Martin Lewis urges pensioners to check if they are entitled to an extra £5,300 a year

In his weekly Money Saving Expert newsletter, Martin Lewis highlighted eligibility for Attendance Allowance from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

New research from Money Saving Expert and Policy in Practice found over a million people who qualify for the benefit are not claiming it.

The personal finance expert said ill or disabled people aged over 66 years old could be entitled to over £5,300 per year – and the allowance isn’t means-tested.

Attendance Allowance is for ill or disabled pensioners who require daily living assistance, no matter their income or savings.

Qualifying information:

  • Be of state pension age (66 or above)
  • Finances are irrelevant
  • Require a condition that means you need “help” or “supervision” with daily tasks.

Qualifying health conditions include Parkinson’s, dementia, terminal illness, blindness, learning difficulties and more.

“Help” with daily tasks could look like:

  • Help getting washed or dressed
  • Help to eat
  • Help to go to or using the toilet
  • Help telling people what you need or making yourself understood.

“Supervision” means needing someone to watch over you to help avoid danger to yourself or others.

Any physical or mental disability or illness that impacts daily life could mean you are eligible for the benefit.

“Crucially, you don’t need to be receiving this help or supervision,” Martin Lewis clarified.

“What’s important is that you’re thought to need help due to the severity of your condition.”

Martin Lewis added: “You’ll need to provide evidence that you could’ve benefitted from this help for at least six months.”

There are two rates available; the basic rate is worth £68.10 weekly, which totals up to £3,541 a year.

This amount of extra cash applies to those who require daily assistance either during the day, or only just the night.

If you require daily living assistance both day and night then you could get £101.75 weekly, up to £5,291 per year.

This payment is also offered to those who require daily living assistance who have had a professional state they have 12 months or less to live.

These amounts increase on April 6 each year, in line with inflation. Moreover, you can apply on behalf of someone else if you are caring for a family member or friend who you think might qualify for Attendance Allowance, as long as they can sign the form once you’ve filled it in.


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