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'Masters of the Universe: Revolution': Storyline, cast, release date, episode count, streaming platform

The upcoming Netflix original animated series, Masters of the Universe: Revolution, is set to release on January 25, 2024. Created by Kevin Smith, the show serves as a sequel to the 2021 animated series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’: Storyline

Produced by Powerhouse Animation, the studio responsible for other Netflix Originals like Blood of Zeus and Castlevania, Masters of the Universe: Revolution explores a clash between technology and magic as He-Man and his allies confront Skeletor’s forces. The mechanized Skeletor, armed with the power of Motherboard, poses a threat to Eternia, prompting Prince Adam to grapple with new responsibilities and a crucial decision between the scepter and the sword.

The series unfolds with Teela, voiced by Melissa Benoist, searching for the secret of Snake Magic to rebuild a magic realm. Their mission is to fend off the return of Hordak, the ruthless leader of the Horde Empire, representing the greatest threat Eternia has ever faced.

‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’: Cast

The cast features Mark Hamill reprising his role as Skeletor, known for his extensive voice-acting career. Melissa Benoist replaces Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, while Chris Wood returns as Prince Adam and He-Man. Meg Foster joins as Motherboard, and Keith David portrays Hordak, with William Shatner’s role yet to be revealed.

‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’: Episode Count, Streaming Platform

The series is composed of five episodes, with Netflix revealing only the release month as of now. The narrative promises an epic chapter in the battle for Castle Grayskull, focusing on the struggle between good and evil in the Masters of the Universe universe.


When will ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ be released on Netflix?
The Netflix release date for ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ is set for January 25, 2024, as announced by the streaming platform.

How many episodes does ‘Masters of the Universe: Revolution’ have?
The series will consist of five episodes, providing viewers with a concise and focused narrative within the Masters of the Universe universe.

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