Mobile District highlight: CIO/G-6 – Information Technology –

By Jeremy Murray

MOBILE, Ala. – In the heart of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, a dedicated team is working behind the scenes, ensuring the seamless operations of the Corps’ vital missions. Meet the unsung heroes of the digital age – the CIO/G-6, an integral element of USACE. 

The department comprises the Corporate Information Office (CIO) and the Enterprise Information Technology IM/IT service delivery team (G-6) for USACE.

“Our mission is to support the USACE team with effective solutions to accomplish their mission,” said Tim Tarver, Mobile District IT Chief. “Our IT team is the digital backbone of the district, ensuring secure data management and cutting-edge technology to support our critical missions.”

The IT department’s core responsibilities lie in managing an organization’s technological infrastructure. This includes maintaining servers, networks, and hardware components to ensure they operate optimally, meeting users’ needs across various departments.

Providing technical support to end-users is a fundamental function of the IT department. Whether troubleshooting hardware issues, resolving software glitches, or assisting with general IT inquiries, helpdesk services ensure that employees can perform their tasks without hindrance.

“From managing network infrastructure to troubleshooting complex issues, my day is a blend of innovation and problem-solving,” said Vickie LaMay, Mobile District CIO/G6 Operations officer. “It makes every day unique and different.”

The team even delivers local and remote lifecycle management for more than 200 network devices and manages the records management program to ensure all records are retained in accordance with Army and Department of Defense policy.

“We work behind the scenes, ensuring seamless communication, help desk services, continuous upgrades, and hardware and software management,” said LaMay.

Staying up to date on technological advancements is a constant endeavor for IT departments. They evaluate emerging technologies, assess their potential impact on the organization, and recommend innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

Tarver said that as technology advances, the collaboration between the Corps and the IT experts will undoubtedly remain essential to its ongoing success.

“In the world of technology, every day is a puzzle waiting to be solved,” said Tarver. “It is our job to piece together the perfect solutions for operations.”


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