Mystery buyer scoops up $1.3 billion in Bitcoin, sending shockwaves through market – Crypto Times

Bitcoin’s price came down today and hovered around $51,000, however, the real action was seen in the off-charts. One buyer who had the $1.3 billion fund that made a striking purchase of 26,200 Bitcoin. The identity of this whale mystery is throwing everyone into guessing the words around sovereign wealth funds and the tech giants like Bezos or Zuckerberg.

At the same time, other heavyweights that are comparing Bitcoin quietly are also amassing Bitcoin. They are so called “whales”, who are wallets topping 100 BTC, seem to be in a buying mode, thus suggesting that they truly consider BTC to be a favorable cryptocurrency amid volatility of short-term price fluctuations.

Analysts show signs of neutrality about Bitcoin’s future prospects, with recent increase in trading volumes considered as a positive sign. On the other hand, some forecast that the current stability may mark the end of the up-trend temporarily.

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