Neighbours’ furious at ‘ugly, monstrous and out of place home that shot up out of nowhere – and looks like Amazon depot’

FURIOUS residents have slammed a “horrendous” newbuild home they claim “looks like an Amazon warehouse”.

Planning permission was granted for the four-bedroom home to be built in the village of Corfe Mullen, Dorset, earlier this year.

Angry residents slammed the newbild in Dorset


Angry residents slammed the newbild in DorsetCredit: BNPS
Owners were granted permission to build a four-bedroom home in Corfe Mulle


Owners were granted permission to build a four-bedroom home in Corfe MulleCredit: BNPS

The two-storey house replaced an old bungalow previously sat on the site.

But the newbuild is at the centre of anger among its neighbours, who claim to be having “sleepless nights” over its appearance and impact on their countryside views.

Terry Selby, 80, said the house resembles “something out of Sandbanks” and looks out of place in the village.

He told the Bournemouth Echo: “There was a little bungalow just behind the hedge and once the woman who lived there died, a planning application went in for a new building.  

“However, it’s quite large, the sort of thing you’d expect to see on Sandbanks.

“They have now built it and it’s a monster. It’s so horrendous and I’m so frustrated with Dorset Council I have asked why they have allowed it, but they didn’t reply.  

“It has caused a lot of stress for us because that’s all we can see when we wake up in the morning; it’s right in your face.”

He described the newbuild as “a square block built from wood”.

Mr Selby also claimed yellow notice papers were only placed on the site just a week before construction began.

His wife Margaret, also 80, shared his views and described the new property as “horrendous”.

The couple moved to the village 15 years ago to retire, but say the property blights the landscape.

Teacher Kay Jones compared the newbuild to the “Bibby Stockholm” anchored off nearby Portland.

She cited concerns over a “total lack of privacy” and having to fork out for “blinds and trees” to give her a greater feeling of seclusion.

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: “In the light of concerns raised, the applicants submitted amended plans which reduced the scale of the proposed extensions.

“Re-consultation on the amended plans was undertaken with new site notices displayed on November 2, 2022, and further comments were received.

“The application was considered against local and national planning policies taking into account all material considerations raised by neighbours and the town council.  

“The application process followed all legislative and constitutional requirements.

“Officers judged that the revised extensions could be accommodated on the site and planning permission was granted on 11 April 2023.

“We have been in communication with Mr Selby to explain the council’s position. The council will be monitoring compliance with the approved plans.”

Residents say it looks like 'an Amazon warehouse'


Residents say it looks like ‘an Amazon warehouse’Credit: BNPS


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