Neon EVM introduces multi-token fee payment on testnet

NEW YORK – The Neon Foundation’s Marina Guryeva announced the introduction of multi-token fee payment capabilities on the Neon EVM testnet today, marking a significant step forward in the platform’s development. The testnet, which allows for Virtual Machine code deployment, has been operational since July and is now advancing towards a more versatile and user-friendly ecosystem.

With this new feature, developers and users will soon be able to pay transaction fees with various tokens. This update is expected to solve the “empty tank” problem by allowing decentralized applications (dapps) to subsidize transaction fees. The ability for dapps to cover transaction costs is anticipated to improve scalability within the Neon EVM ecosystem significantly.

Looking ahead, the Neon DAO has outlined plans to expand token support beyond the current offerings in the coming weeks. This expansion is poised to provide even greater flexibility and convenience for users interacting with the platform.

The multi-token fee payment capability is currently available on the testnet, with a devnet release on the horizon. Mainnet support for this innovative feature is projected for early 2024, setting the stage for broader adoption and enhanced functionality within the blockchain community. Guryeva’s announcement underscores Neon EVM’s commitment to fostering a more accessible and efficient environment for blockchain development and usage.

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