NexEra Bridge Launches DREX Project: Bridging Web2 and Web3 Finance

NexEra Bridge Launches DREX Project: Bridging Web2 and Web3 Finance

NexEra Bridge, a blockchain fintech startup based in Singapore, Asia’s financial hub, has announced its innovative DREX project. This initiative aims to bridge traditional finance with blockchain, leading the way in the evolving financial market.

The DREX project involves two main business streams: partnering with leading global fintech firms to provide De-Financial Products and tokenizing stable real-world assets RWAs) evaluated by verified institutions.

The De-Financial Products service collaborates with global fintech companies to offer users benefits and convenience through blockchain. This service aims to address issues like the uncertain operation of existing point systems, limited usability, and high maintenance costs, providing transparent and reasonable rewards instead.

Additionally, partnering fintech companies can enhance user loyalty by offering differentiated financial products, attracting new users, and reducing maintenance costs.

Justin, CEO of NexEra Bridge, emphasized, “Our De-Financial Products service is developed based on our experience collaborating with several financial and fintech firms in Korea. This service will help establish the initial ecosystem of the DREX project and play a crucial role in securing a foothold in the innovative finance market through our RWA business, backed by real assets.”

The DREX Protocolʼs RWA business involves tokenizing valuable real-world assets, such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and real estate on their proprietary platform.
They leverage their STO planning and development expertise.

Justin stated, “The RWA market is still in its infancy. Our strength lies in ‘investor protection through the reliability of underlying assets.’ Many projects focus on aggressive products, but we aim to prevent and address early market issues across industries.”

A NexEra Bridge representative added, “Our business models will present a new paradigm in financial technology, offering investors stable yet innovative investment opportunities.”

All eyes are on how NexEra Bridge will integrate Web2 and Web3 through the DREX project, bridging traditional and innovative finance.

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