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New 2.0 capabilities with dynamic data visualization lets security teams analyze sensitive data in motion and extract lineage to accelerate the remediation of risks

Normalyze, a pioneering provider of data-first cloud security solutions, announced the expansion of the Normalyze Cloud Platform to track data in motion and analyze lineage allowing data and security teams to continuously identify cloud-resident sensitive data, both at rest and in motion and secure access paths leading to a potential breach.

Normalyze Cloud Platform 2.0 introduces new dynamic interactive graphs that show teams how sensitive data flows between access points, users and applications across the network and cloud. Visualization of sensitive data lineage shows where it came from, where it was stored, and where it moved again. These new data security posture management (DSPM) capabilities are being demonstrated at the RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco, booth#6476.

“A huge security challenge is understanding your data landscape and isolating an attacker’s lateral movements in exposed cloud infrastructures,” says Rohan Singla, Sr. Director, Head of Security and Privacy at ChargePoint. “Our security teams are always excited about new capabilities in this space that can give us more visibility on data exposures. The interactive visual tools and new intelligence derived from data lineage are a game changer for detecting sensitive data in motion, alerting on risky behaviors, and quickly shutting down an attack.”

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Normalyze Cloud Platform (NCP) 2.0 adds these new capabilities:

  • Sensitive data flow diagram – Data in transit mapping gathers all data flows between users, applications, resources, and data assets in the cloud. Interactive graphs visually show teams how the sensitive data is being accessed and which assets are in violation of the data security policy.
  • Data lineage – Data flow analysis shows where sensitive data originated, where it moved, and the associated security and privacy risks.
  • Data access graph – The automatic visualization of who accessed which data lets teams instantly pinpoint exact changes to roles/policies or resource access configuration required to resolve access governance and compliance issues.
  • Data Detection & Response (DDR) – By showing real-time data flow and access activity, NCP 2.0 enables quicker detection and response to actual threats, plus context of whether a potential threat has been exploited.
  • Anomaly detection – Identifies suspicious activity including data exfiltration and potential account takeover by continuously baselining user activity and identifying abnormal behavior that is indicative of data exposure, without relying on preconfigured rules or policies.
  • One-click remediation – NCP 2.0 enables one-click remediation options to resolve data access risks such as dormant users and excessive privileges to sensitive data.

The capabilities of Normalyze Cloud Platform 2.0 address the increasingly complex data security challenges – especially, as part of a seamless detection and response process. As risks to data grow, so does the need to adopt a holistic single-platform data security posture management framework. According to a Gartner® report, “By 2026, more than 20% of organizations will deploy DSPM technology, due to the urgent requirements to identify and locate previously unknown data repositories and to mitigate associated security and privacy risks.” 1

“Proliferation of data across clouds and geographic boundaries is creating the urgency for organizations to discover and locate sensitive data – at rest and in motion, and identify its exposure to data residency, privacy or data security risks,” says Amer Deeba, Co-founder and CEO of Normalyze. “We continue to expand our data-first cloud security platform to help customers discover and secure their data at scale across public clouds with speed, efficiency and accuracy. The new innovations to support data in motion and lineage will help security teams get the full risk picture around sensitive data with interactive capabilities to detect data leakage and stop breaches.”

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