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Octopus Energy shares tips that can help households slash bills by £400

Households can save more than £400 on their by following eight easy tips, an expert has said.

While prices remain high, spoke to Phil Steele, future technologies evangelist at to find out the best ways to slash costs.

Based on the expertise of the provider’s team of scientists, engineers, heating specialists, as well as feedback from customers, Mr Steele shared eight of his top tips.

Check if the boiler flow temperature is set too high

Mr Steele told “Depending on whether you have a hot water cylinder or not, turning it down to 55 or 60 degrees (still hot enough to ward off Legionnaires’ disease) can save over £100 a year.”

Control your thermostat

Mr Steele said: “Tweaking your thermostat (using it as an on/off switch or boost, for example) can mean more gas is wasted – you’ll be comfier and more efficient if you set it and leave it on for when you need it.

“Setting your thermostat to somewhere between 18C and 21C is ideal, and turning down the temperature by just one degree could save up to £99 on your energy bill.”

Make the most of the radiators

Mr Steele said: “Make sure heat from your radiators stays in your room, as it’s surprising how much gets lost to windows, sofas or curtains.

“Tucking curtains behind radiators, moving your sofa further from the radiator and ensuring there’s nothing on top that’ll stop heat from circulating the room can all help.”

Close curtains before it gets dark

Mr Steele said: “You’ll keep more heat in your home with less energy if you pull your curtains before it gets dark – up to 15 percent reduction in heat loss.”

Air dry, don’t tumble dry

Mr Steele said: “Ditching the tumble dryer and drying your clothes on a washing line or clothes horse could save you £62 a year according to the Energy Savings Trust. Avoid drying clothes on radiators – this makes your boiler work harder.”

Mind the gaps

Mr Steele said: “A continuous draught can quickly undo all the good work of your heating – essentially wasting energy. Identifying and plugging up draughts around doors, windows and other gaps can help trap warmth in and make your gas spend go further.”

According to Mr Steele, people can save £97 a year on average by sealing draughts.

Put an insulation jacket on your hot water tank

Mr Steele said: “To reduce heat loss and therefore keep your hot water hotter for longer, add a British Standard Jacket 80mm thick to your hot water cylinder and you could save £27 a year in the process.

“Exposed hot water pipes can also be insulated using a foam tube that covers the pipes between your hot water cylinder and boiler.”

Be bright with your lights

Mr Steele said: “Lighting makes up around 11 percent of a typical power bill. LEDs use 70 to 80 percent less electricity – so when it’s time to replace those bulbs, go LED.

“The Energy Savings Trust has written loads about the impact it could make on your bills – between £5 to £13 per bulb, per year. Making sure you switch off the lights when you leave the room can save a further £20 per year.”


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