Parents are rushing to buy Amazon car essential perfect to keep the kids cool on long summer car journeys

PARENTS are rushing to snap up this car essential which is ideal for keeping kids cool during long car journeys this summer.

Car fans are proving to be a big hit as they can keep the youngsters and even pets sat in the back seats nice and cool.

One design can be fitted over the front seats, keeping those in the back nice and cool


One design can be fitted over the front seats, keeping those in the back nice and coolCredit: Amazon

One design is fitted over the front seats.

It plugs into the car’s 12v power socket and then keeps the inside of a vehicle from getting too hot.

Suctions tabs at the back mean they stick to almost anywhere in the car.

The fans also claim to be great for removing dust, unwanted odours and any moisture on the inside of the windshield.

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The speed of the rotating fans can also be changed depending on need.

They’re designed to fit different car types, including SUVs and vans – as long as they have the 12v socket.

The gadget can be slotted over the seat’s headrest and secured with a swivel nut at the bottom.

The four-inch fan heads can turn 360 degrees and rotate in any direction.

Amazon is currently selling the fans for £30.99.

Customers have been going wild over them, with 58 per cent of all 883 reviews giving it five stars.

Overall, it has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.

One happy reviewer said: “I usually have the air con on, which wastes so so much petrol.

“Since using this (all day today) – my petrol miles haven’t gone down any more than it would with no air con. It’s fab – and it’s felt like I’ve had the air con on, too.

“I 100 per cent recommend this product and this seller. Will definitely be using this instead of my air con for now on. I love it.”

Another wrote: “The fan is a great size for the rear of a car for the comfort of my dog. It’s quiet enough with variable speed.

“I’ve also used it in the rear of the camper for passengers in the back to help get the air con in the rear too.

“Top speed is good to add a nice breeze while the lower speed is good just to tick over to aid ventilation. Very happy with it so far and a good price too for what you get.”

A third added: “Good fan to fix on rear of a seat, easy to install.”

However, not everyone was satisfied, one buyer who gave a one-star review said: “It is very basically made and only blows a small amount of WARM air at you, better off just opening the window.”

Another reviewer, who gave the fan three stars, said she had to return the product.

She said: “Strong little fan but I didn’t get any benefit from it as it just blew the hot air at my face at speed.

“Worth a shot though, and would definitely recommend if it’s only needed to circulate air.”

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A TikTok user known as ‘Kerchinar’ has shared her car fan with her 143,000 followers.

Taking to the social media site she described the fans as “insane,” adding that they didn’t even have children.

The suction tabs on the back of the fan allow it to be stuck almost anywhere in the car


The suction tabs on the back of the fan allow it to be stuck almost anywhere in the carCredit: Getty


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