Patricia Technologies Limited has entered into a partnership with Deimos Cloud Security. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way the cryptocurrency company protects its customer’s assets and enhances security measures. 

Given the rising number of cyber threats and data breaches across the world, safeguarding customers’ valuable assets has become paramount for businesses. Patricia is fully committed to achieving this goal through its collaboration with Deimos Cloud Security. By joining forces, Patricia takes a significant step in ensuring the utmost security for its customers. 

Deimos brings expertise and cutting-edge technology to the table, fortifying our existing security systems and providing an impenetrable shield against potential threats. Our customers can now have peace of mind, knowing that their assets are in safe hands. This partnership showcases  Patricia’s dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional services to our valued customers. 

Commenting on the partnership, Patricia’s Founder and Chief Executive, Hanu Fejiro, stated, “We recognize and are committed to safeguarding sensitive information and continuously strive to outpace cybercriminals. With Deimos as a strategic partner, we are confident that we can meet and exceed the highest standards of security”. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Deimos, Andrew Mori expressed his thoughts on the partnership, “As Patricia’s Cloud Partner, we are committed to implementing industry-standard practices for cloud security and infrastructure. Deimos brings improved security measures and deep technical expertise to Patricia’s cloud infrastructure and application ecosystems. Together, we will elevate security standards, ensuring that Patricia’s customers’ assets remain shielded from any potential harm”.  

This collaboration marks an exciting time for both companies as we anticipate a successful partnership that will redefine security in the digital age.

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