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Pentagon reveals SHOCKING data: US soldiers show more probability of dying by suicide than in combat

According to a Pentagon study that ranges across a period of five years, it has been observed that US soldiers are nine times more likely to die through self-harm or by committing suicide than by enemy combat. The study, that ended in 2019, has been published by thee Defense Health Agency in May, and according to a USA Today report, suicide was the leading cause of death in serving soldiers during the time period as compared to combat deaths. Suicide related deaths between 2014-2019 were a whopping 883 while the combat deaths reported were as low as 96. Accidents (814) were another leading cause of death for soldiers, but still less than suicide.

Published study predates recent workforce changes by Pentagon around mental health

The study, however, was conducted much before stern steps were taken by the Army and Pentagon to curb suicide-related deaths. A workforce was instituted to address issues that trigger suicide, including alcohol abuse, mental health, domestic issues and more, through which the rates of suicide could be curbed. According to the stats obtained by USA Today, suicide rates have indeed decreased among serving soldiers in recent years. For example, 55 armed forces members have died by suicide in the US this year, as of now.
The suicide rates kept climbing since 2019, which include a significant rate of suicide for active-duty soldiers as well. The numbers keep rising at times but this year has seen a rather low suicide rate till now, according to reports. 2021 and 2022 were also good years around this issue as they reported very minimum suicide rates.

Havoc spending will not curb suicide rates, addressing issues will

Soldiers are being trained to seek help whenever required and talk to their peers or colleagues whenever they feel like hurting themselves or in a pessimistic situation. It has been understood over the course of time that military spending will not solve the problem of suicide. Instead, addressing issues of soldiers around mental health, behavior and lifestyle would be better instead.


How is the Pentagon related to the US Army?
The Pentagon is the headquarters of the armed forces of the United States. It is the base where all spheres of the forces, be it the Air Force, Navy or the Army, work in tandem.

Does accident cause most deaths of US soldiers?
No, according to a recent study published by the Pentagon, suicide is the leading cause of death among the US soldiers. Accident is the second-leading cause of death, the study has found.

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