Pitch Perfect: Walmart Growth Summit for Indian Innovators

Discover the exclusive insights into what makes the Walmart Growth Summit, a game-changer for businesses in India. From one-on-one pitch meetings securing deals for a handful of stores to supplying hundreds of Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs, this summit is a gateway to immense growth and exposure. Not just limited to product pitches, the summit also invites innovators to propose solutions for upcoming business challenges within Walmart’s value chain. This event can act as a catalyst for developing new suppliers in key Indian export categories like food, consumables, health and wellness, general merchandise, apparel, homewares, and more. This is hosted on Feb, 14-15, 2024, in New Delhi. Submit your pitch application for a chance to showcase your brand at the event. The last day to submit the application is Dec 11 2023 after which the selected applicants will receive invitations. Here is the link for more details –


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