Racing against winter rain

In a tropical country like India, winters, if not excessively harsh, have a certain charm. But winter rain? It’s a different story altogether. Few relish it. And there’s something undeniably joyous about dodging sudden raindrops and triumphantly reaching your destination before it can soak you to the bone.

However, in the rush, don’t forget to look at the city around it to get ready for the impending storm. The vibrant cityscape is painted in shades of grey, and the wind is in a frenzy of motion, almost urging everyone to look for cover.

With each passing moment, the drops swell in size, descending with a relentless force. For those who failed to heed the warnings, it unfolds like an apocalypse, their path marked by treacherous puddles, constantly changing their shape and size.
As you emerge unscathed from the deluge, a sense of triumph washes over you. Amid the chill of winter, you have outsmarted the storm, navigating the city’s labyrinthine streets with precision. And, as the clouds part, allowing the sun to pierce through, you revel in the satisfaction of a journey well- plotted, and winning a race against sudden winter rain.


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